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Reuters "Oddly Enough" News
Bizarre news from around the world.

News of the Weird
The most widely-read bizarre-but-all-true news feature in the United States.

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Google News
Information culled from approximately 4,000 news sources worldwide and automatically arranged to present the most relevant news first. Topics are updated continuously throughout the day, so you will see new stories each time you check the page.

Regional and Local News
gateway to local newspaper sites on the Web hosted by the Newspaper Association of America.

Today's Front Pages
Front pages of newspapers across the world.

Just For Fun
Satirical coverage of current events.
Ironic Times

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The Daypop Top 40
A list of links that are currently popular with webloggers from around the world.
"News for Nerds", or "Stuff that Matters", you decide.
This site's collection of humor news and links is hard to beat. The articles are classified as "stupid," "silly," "scary," etc., for easy browsing.
50,000 monkeys at 50,000 typewriters can't be wrong.

Yahoo! Picks
An irreverent look at the best of the Web.

Google Groups
Search or browse through archives of Usenet newsgroups since 1995.

What's a weblog?
Weblogs: a history and perspective.

A funny story about a guy and a baby.

Alphabet Life
Everyday objects that form letters

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